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We're commited and passionate about customer service

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Sales Support

Passionate about customer service

The mission of our sales team is to acquire an in-depth understanding of our customers' requirements and offer immediate technical solutions based on the most advanced technology.

At JST (UK) Ltd, we have management systems in place that are accredited and approved to; ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. However, with all these systems and procedures, we also appreciate that service comes down to the individual you deal with. That is why we take great care that all our sales team are trained accordingly to help them help you.

Indeed, our sales team is geographically organised around you. We pride ourselves on our personal service, with a person dedicated to look after you the customer, a person you can contact directly and a person you get to know by name.

JST (UK) Ltd has a field sales team geographically placed to offer quick and immediate solutions to address your application requirements. We feel that meeting and making face-to-face relationships with the customer is key to developing a mutual understanding, and achieve greater empathy with your needs so that we can serve you better.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products then please contact us on phone no: +44(0)1986 874131, or email us at

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Product Technical Support

Expertise at your disposal

JST is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electrical and electronic connectors. Our product portfolio contains thousands of different terminals and connectors ranging from surface mount, flat flexible circuit connectors to crimp wire to board, headers, flat cable, wire to wire, board to board, power to supply and wire to board EMI shielded connectors to memory card connectors.

JST (UK) Ltd has developed a comprehensive on-line catalogue and various technical guides that we feel will address the majority of your technical questions and enquiries.

However, we also appreciate that not every situation/application is the same and not every question can be sufficiently addressed in a single data sheet. Therefore, we have established a dedicated Technical Sales Support team to address any technical enquiries that you may have with regards to our product range.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products then please contact us on phone no: +44(0)1986 874131 or email us at

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Design and Development

Closer to you, closer to the solution

Electrical and electronic device designs are becoming increasingly miniaturised and complex, based on the explosive growth of information technology. As these electronic devices must offer continuously higher reliability and operability, the complexity of design requirement is increasing at an exponential rate.

Therefore focusing solely on connectors, JST has developed a worldwide organisation structure and internal system that directly links our customers' engineering teams with our development staff, who have complete decision-making authority.

JST's corporate commitment to technological innovation is quickly seen at a host of advanced development facilities throughout the world. A good example of this is at our Engineering Centre in Tokyo, which has incorporated N2 reflow soldering equipment for the study of fine pitch SMT connectors.

As part of this worldwide organisation structure, JST (UK) Ltd has also developed a dedicated design team to address and meet the demands of our customers. Whether it's a modification of an existing product or a completely new design specifically for our customers' application, we will assist step-by-step all the way.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products then please contact us on phone no: +44(0)1986 874131, or email us at

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Tooling Technical Support

Our experience is your resource.

JST have a 'total package philosophy' regarding the supply of terminals / connectors and related application tooling. It is our belief that the supply of application tooling is a fundamental part of our business and this is reflected in our comprehensive range of application tooling.

Whether the requirement is for a hand tool, a fully automatic wire termination machine or any stage in-between, JST has product matched application tooling available to fulfil our customer's requirements.

Because the application tooling is manufactured to the same stringent quality standards as our terminals and connectors, we can confidently guarantee that the resultant crimp produced by these tools is of the highest quality and conforms to the tolerances specified for the product.

JST's application tooling is supported by a dedicated team of qualified engineers who are always on hand to provide you with technical support and assistance.

JST (UK) Ltd. have an extensive inventory of more than 3,000 different spare parts stored in a 'state of the art' parts retrieval system, which enables us to quickly locate and despatch any part to our customers that may be required. It is our proud boast that we can supply most spare parts that are required by the next working day after the order is received.

This is a fundamental part of our customer service commitment and we believe that our customer support is second to none in the UK, Ireland, India and South Africa.

If you have any questions regarding any of our tooling then please contact us on phone no: +44 (0)1986 874131, or email us at

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Laboratory and Testing

Highest quality assured

At JST we believe that it is our solemn responsibility to our customers and to society to provide high-quality products that will be free of defect.

Our experienced Quality Assurance Department and Development Department work together to concurrently advance development projects in cooperation with the Production Department. This system enables us to examine products in development from various points of view and improve the quality of the product, which eventually strengthens our capability to provide products that meet and exceed our customers' requirements.

All JST products are vigorously tested to ensure that we meet our customers' high demands. Typical product testing would include;

- Mechanical Performance Test:- Tensile testing, Insertion and Withdrawal etc....
- Electrical Performance Test:- Contact Resistance, Dielectric Withstanding Voltage etc...
- Environmental Test:- Durability, Heat Aging, Thermal Shock etc.......

At JST (UK) Ltd we have a fully equipped laboratory and test facilities, which not only complements our design department with regards to the development of new and custom products, but also facilitates our tooling department with regards to the development and calibration of application equipment.

Our facilities include;

- Thermal Shock Chamber: - For environmental testing
- Humidity Chamber: - For environmental testing
- Micro-Sectioning:- For mechanical crimp testing
- Glow Wire Tester: - For flammability testing to IEC 60695
- Crimp Tensile Tester:- For mechanical crimp testing
- Solderability Tester:- For testing the fitness of tin plated products

If you have any questions regarding our laboratory and testing facilities, or on crimp tooling calibration services please contact us on +44(0)1986 874131, or email us at

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Warehouse and Logistics

Providing solutions

JST's global operations are structured in such a way that every one of our offices worldwide can share in and learn from the experience of others. Our global network means that we are capable of devising solutions for our customers before they are even aware that they have a problem to solve.

At JST (UK) Ltd, we take pride in the way we plan and execute logistical support to our customers. From our 15,000sq ft purpose built warehouse facility, we can hold and provide you with all your stock requirements.

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